Sourdough Bread Class

Join our class via Zoom or Live at our local store front in Spanish Fork. Learn how to make true San Francisco Sourdough from start to finish.

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Three ingredients you can trust.


Experience a true San Francisco Sourdough, individually baked in its own dutch oven! 

The result? A bread you can serve at exclusive events, or in your own home!


Why is gluten intolerance on the rise, when bread has been around for thousands of years? Perhaps it’s influenced by the adoption of quick rise yeast. Before that mankind used sourdough in a way that appears to help process phytic acids, gluten, and other irritants found in grains, basically “pre-digesting” it to increase your nutrition.


For the diabetic, sourdough may have a lower glycemic index. *We frequently get feedback like the following:

“Fabulously delicious! I am gluten intolerant, but this bread agrees with me!!! Love it!” – Kathy R.

* We are not medical doctors, please see our disclaimer.


Those who eat our naturally leavened bread made with high quality wheat often tell us that they don’t feel bloated, and that our bread keeps them trim.

Don’t take our word for it, try a loaf today!

Their bread is incredible but even better is the life changing things I learned from taking one of their classes. It has changed not only the bread I eat but the way I feed and cook for myself and my family.

- Janie C.

We have Abigail’s 100% whole wheat bread shipped to us in San Antonio regularly. This bread is the real deal. Hearty. Authentic. Healthy. Delicious.

- Joe G.

I have a gluten intolerance but this bread doesn’t bother me at all! I love the very simple and clean ingredients. It’s also super delicious! I’ve always wanted to learn how to make bread like this but I’m too lazy, ha ha! I’m glad I can go buy it at Abigail‘s oven!!

- Katie R.

This is the best bread! Their 100% whole wheat sourdough is made with only 3 ingredients, but the taste is outstanding! It is light but has that slightly chewy sourdough texture. Couldn't be better.

- Angela R.

Amazing products with such kind and helpful people behind them. It's wonderful that they also partner with different local producers to sell their products! Went home with sourdough, raw honey, and fresh apple cider. What could be better?

- Sierra K.