15 Recipes to Help You Celebrate National Sourdough Bread Day

15 Recipes to Help You Celebrate National Sourdough Bread Day

No fooling, April 1st is National Sourdough Bread Day. To help you celebrate and to give quick access to fifteen of our most popular recipes, we have curated these to help you #BakeBread as you take the #SourdoughChallenge:

Cheese Encrusted Sourdough Baguettes:  On Sundays, the family likes me to bake Lenora Peterson’s Magelby’s Rolls for dinner. And who can blame them? Rich with butter and eggs, slathered in mayonnaise, and rolled in parmesan cheese, these have been the best dinner rolls I have ever made…Read More


Sourdough Pancakes:  This is one of the easiest breakfast recipes ever.  The recipe is an adaptation of Nancy Silverton’s from La Brea Bakery in Los Angeles, and it’s a great addition to your menu if you have a good sourdough starter that you feed regularly… Read More


Sourdough Bread Overnight:  After my sourdough class at Abigail’s Oven, I went right home and went to work making bread. The seven-step process Martha taught us and we list here will help you make a great first loaf the first time and every time. This country “white” loaf is our family’s favorite and it will be yours too …Read More


Simple Sourdough Pizza Crust:  Friday night has been pizza night at our home for decades, but this crust is made with only our “3 Perfect Ingredients” and gives you a durable crust that can take a load of ingredients and still come out crunchy…Read More



Marbled Rye BreadI seldom make a loaf of bread that doesn’t have half a cup of rye flour in it, but this one is 67% rye. It seems to deepen the flavor, especially the second day, so be sure you give this bread a day after baking to develop its full flavor. Especially if you complement rye’s mild, nutty flavor with caraway, fennel, and/or anise seeds, which will give it the traditional deli flavor most of us associate with rye bread…Read More


Sourdough Irish Soda Bread: Good and simple you may find yourself using this recipe again and again. It works for well for muffins, baked in a loaf pan as a sweet bread and of course, as a traditional boule. And best of all it will be a great excuse to use any extra sourdough starter that you have, which makes this recipe your no-excuse-to-use-the-extra-starter-bread ever again…Read More

Monte Cristo Sandwich: From Mister Crunchy to Monte Cristo—the sandwich is a variation on the Croque Monsieur—a grilled French ham and cheese sandwich with gruyere cheese and béchamel sauce… Read More



Bread Machine Sourdough Bread: Thumbing through my newest book Starter Sourdough: The Step-by-Step Guide to Sourdough Starters, Baking Loaves, Baguettes, Pancakes, and More, I was surprised by a recipe for “Classic White Sourdough Bread Machine Bread.”…Read More


Malted Root Beer Sourdough Bread: For a long time, I have wanted to make artisan Sourdough Malted Beer Bread, it was something we could get in German bakeries when I lived there. It’s dark, rich color and a hint of rye made this bread better the next day…Read More


Sourdough Bread / Pain au Levain: The French call sourdough bread “pain au levain.” In French, the word for bread is ‘pain’, au means ‘at’, and levain is French for leaven, or our term, “sourdough.” This, however, is by no means anything like the French bread you buy at the grocery store. It is a real sourdough bread made with just flour, water, and salt—the “3 Perfect Ingredients” …Read More


Sourdough Cinnamon Pull-aparts: The recipe is an old pioneer one I took from the Junior League Of Salt Lake City’s Heritage Cookbook, its secret ingredient is mashed potatoes. I have shared it several times in other blogs, but will use it today for the base of a new challenge, a Cinnabon Break-apart…Read More


Pull-Apart Bacon Sourdough Biscuits: Each month I look forward to my Taste of Home magazine because the recipes are written by real home cooks.  I have adapted hers using our own biscuit recipe substituting cream for the butter and some of the milk. Remember to plan ahead, this recipe calls for a sourdough sponge which you need to get going the night before…Read More


Sourdough Dinner Rolls: Rolls are my personal specialty. I make them nearly every Sunday using dry yeast. But these sourdough rolls are perfectly crusty without being tough, and the crumb is soft and fluffy. Best of all, they are no-knead! …Read More


Sourdough Biscuits:  These “wonderful, towering, light and fluffy biscuits may become your favorite sourdough biscuit recipe,” writes  but she suggests, “Just be sure to plan ahead to start the night before.” And of all the other non-bread recipes this is the best by far. I made 48 for the Abigail’s Oven Christmas party and people could not get enough of them… Read More


German Rye Bread: Roggenbrot, Graubrot, Mischbrot—its all German Rye Bread. Living in Germany for a couple of years, this was the bread we purchased hot from the bakery nearly every day. However, the bakers always warned use to let it cool before eating it. The reason this bread is better the second day, so let this cool for a day to develop its full flavor… Read More

The folks at National Calendar Day suggest that you observe the day by “Bak[ing] some homemade sourdough bread. Share a recipe or order some from your favorite bakery. Celebrate by tagging them and letting them know how much you appreciate them. We also have a recipe for you to enjoy: San Francisco Sourdough Bread recipe.”

Tell us if you are taking the #SourdoughChallenge by sharing in the comment section below and remember to tag your social media contributions in baking today with #SourdoughBreadDay

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