7 Jewish Rye Sourdough Sandwiches

7 Jewish Rye Sourdough Sandwiches

August marked the beginning of National #RyeMonth, but we find ourselves at the end of this #NationalSandwichMonth and still far too few recipes for sandwiches made on Abigail’s Oven distinct and earthly Jewish Rye Sourdough.

While most folks will celebrate rye month with alcoholic beverages like beer and whiskey made from this grain, our celebration centers on the rye berry itself ground into flour for bread. Of course, this flour is the key ingredient in our loaves, which makes for a denser, fragrant loaf with a deep and delicious flavor of its own. 

This is a taste, described by Ari Weinzweig in The Atlantic as: “A flavor of the earth, a flavor full of character, a flat feel on the back of your tongue that gradually fills your whole mouth. And it should be chewy; both crust and crumb.”

Nutritious loaves of rye bread have been baked for centuries in regions of the world where it was too cool or wet for wheat to flourish. But, the Whole Grains Council reports, “Much like other whole grains and whole grain flours, rye—and especially its use in bread—fell out of favor when refined white flour and white bread became more affordable and accessible in the late 19th century. In more recent years, rye’s many stellar qualities, both as a crop and as a food stuff, have created a ‘rye’surgence of sorts, inspiring a wider appreciation for what was once known as a ‘peasant grain’.”


Nutritional Value of Rye in the Human Diet

"It is well demonstrated that rye keeps you fuller, longer, due to whole grain rye’s high fiber content. Rye has also been shown to improve cholesterol and improve gut health. Each whole grain offers a different mix of nutrients. Whole grain rye provides a good source (greater than or equal to 10% of the recommended daily value) of magnesium, phosphorus, copper, selenium and niacin (B3). Rye is also an excellent source (greater than or equal to 20% of the recommended daily value) of fiber and contains at least half of the recommended daily value of manganese, which helps metabolize protein and other macronutrients."—RYE & TRITICALE AUGUST GRAINS OF THE MONTH


Rye flour can usually be used in company with wheat flour in most sourdough recipes. However, since rye has different proteins than wheat it gluten development is much weaker. This causes loaves that are denser and they have a smaller crumb than other sourdough bread flours.

For that reason, you may find that using a mix of sixty percent freshly milled rye with forty percent high protein (12% or higher) as Abigail’s Oven does will give you good results. Both the texture and crumb will be more open, but will add the distinctly, deeper flavor rye is known for. Best of all the flavor deepens in the days after baking. However, the easiest way to get Abigail’s Oven Jewish Rye is from our bakery.


Not to let a good challenge go by, Allen Levie, co-owner of Abigail’s Oven, challenged me 2022 to make 100 different sandwiches with our sourdough bread, (albeit not in 30 days). And as this month ddraws to an end, I would love to point you to those 100 different sandwiches at #Sourdough100Days100Ways.

Twelve of the 100 feature recipes on Abigail’s Oven Jewish Rye Sourdough Bread. But here is alisting of our top seven:



The king of all rye sandwiches is the Classic Rueben made with corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Russian dressing. The ingredients are layered between slices of rye bread and then grilled until the bread is crispy and the cheese melts.

To make one, start with two slices of Abigail’s Oven Jewish Rye Sourdough, several slices of corned beef, several slices of Swiss cheese, sauerkraut (mine was homemade from red cabbage), and Russian Dressing (see: https://natashaskitchen.com/reuben-sandwich/). Layer the cheese and meat onto bread slathered with the dressing, then top one side with sauerkraut, and finish both sides with more dressing. Grill in a Panini Press for 3-5 mins. Serve with chips and a pickle.



Grace at ExploreCookEat.com explains that the “pastrami, melted swiss, and spicy brown mustard on rye sandwich [is] a match made in heaven!

Her INGREDIENTS for 4 sandwiches are simple and include butter, 3/4 lb pastrami, spicy brown mustard, 8 slices of swiss cheese, and 8 slices of rye bread.

1- “Preheat your oven to 300 F (175°C)
2- “Lightly butter both sides of the 8 slices of rye bread
3- “Heat up your skillet to med-high, and lightly toast each side of your rye bread. Keep a close eye so that it doesn’t burn. Toasting time will be approximately 30 sec – 1 minute or so.
4- “To keep the toasted bread from getting soggy, ‘tent’ them by standing them up on their edges
5- “Once the slices have cooled, add 1/4 of the pastrami to the bottom slice of your sandwich. Repeat for a total of 4 sandwiches
6- “Add 2 slices of swiss cheese on top of the pastrami, and then as much spicy brown mustard as you like. Repeat for a total of 4 sandwiches
7-“Top with the top slice of your sandwich. Repeat for a total of 4 sandwiches.
8- “Place your sandwiches in [a Panini press, or in] the 300°F oven for approximately 10 minutes or until the swiss cheese has started to melt
9- “Remove and serve with dill pickles.”
Get more details from her post here: https://explorecookeat.com/pastrami-and-swiss-on-rye/


Grilled Cheese and Onion on Rye
The Pioneer Woman’s Favorite Sandwich is as she says, “basically a glorified Grilled Cheese made with rye bread.” It is made with “sliced red onion, bright red tomato, whole green chilies and two kinds of cheese. The bread is slathered in butter before grilling to ensure maximum taste and maximum calories, which,” as she writes, “I’m like, totally all about. Like, totally.”


1 Tbsp. Dijon Mustard, to taste
1 Tbsp. Mayonnaise, to taste
1 whole Tomato
1 whole Red Onion
2 slices Mild Cheddar
1 can (4 Oz.) Whole Green Chilies
2 slices Provolone
2 slices of Abigail’s Oven Jewish Rye Sourdough Bread


Ham and Swiss on RyeThe quintessential Ham and Swiss on Rye, as simple as it seems, with spicy brown mustard, sliced ham, and Swiss Cheese, all work to make the perfect pairing of flavors with our Jewish Rye. But then when you grill it, it takes the Sandwich to a whole new level, served warm with dill pickles on the side.

To make one just grab two slices of Abigail’s Oven Jewish Rye Sourdough Bread, butter the outsides, and smear each with spicy brown mustard. Then layer on several slices of Black Forest Ham and Swiss Cheese. Place the sandwich into a frying pan on moderate heat until the cheese is melting, turn and toast the other side.

To make a quicker version, just pop it into a Panini Press.


Grilled Chicken Salad ingredients in the Muenster and Chicken Salad Sandwich on Rye combine for a terrific taste. You can make your favorite chicken salad or follow these directions.

Mix 1/2 lb shredded chicken breast with 12 red grapes, quartered. Finely chop a scallion and after adding that, put in a large dollop of mayonnaise, and mix. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Then layer a slice of Abigail’s Oven Jewish Rye Sourdough Bread with 4 leaves of red lettuce, then scoop a generous portion of chicken salad onto the leaves. Top with 2 slices of Muenster cheese and one more slice of bread. Slice and serve with fries or chips.


Grilled Veggie on RyeArla, a Danish cream cheese producer, offers a very European sandwich suggestion with this delicious combination of rye bread, grilled vegetables and cream cheese.

Begin by slicing half a zucchini or small bell pepper (or some of both). Spray these with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Place them under your broiler for a few minutes to grill the vegetables.

Then smear two slices of Abigail’s Oven Jewish Rye Sourdough Bread with one and a half tablespoons each of softened cream cheese. Top this with two slices of Jamón (a Spanish dry-cured ham) or prosciutto and greens, such as arugula, nasturtium, or watercress.

Watch how to make this sandwich here:


Ricotta and Banana on RyeFarmdrop recommends pairing Jewish rye sourdough with a “spread of ricotta and a drizzle of honey.”

Then they top it off “with a few slices of banana for something more substantial.”

This simple combination works well for breakfasts and morning breaks. But I like it enough to use after a meal as dessert.

And because it is made with Real™ Sourdough Rye Bread, it is more filling than most treats and has a bit of a protein punch too. 


And remember, if you are looking for a place to get delicious sourdough bread for #NationalSandwichMonth, we are in more than 30 stores throughout Utah, at Farmers Markets in OgdenSLC DowntownMurraySo JordanDraperDaybreakProvo, and Spanish Fork. Of course, on weekdays you can always drop by The Store at the Bakery: Mon 12:00 PM-5:00 PM, Tue 9:00 AM-5:00 PM, and Wed-Fri 10:00 AM-5:00 PM, at 421 South 200 East in Spanish Fork, Utah.


Author: Darryl Alder lives with his wife in Riverside Lodge, which is their home, along the Provo River in Utah. He is a retired career Scouter and outdoorsman who spent many hours over a campfire using a Dutch oven and loves sharing recipes for the kitchen and the campfire alike. You'll find many of his recipes on this blog and can follow him on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

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