Iced cinnamon rolls baked in cast iron

Fall Harvest Sweet Rolls

It is Autumn, the air is crisp, the apples are sweet and it is time we bake some sourdough sweet rolls. At our home, we have a long family baking tradition of making cinnamon rolls the first weekend in October and this year with an abundance of apples we are trying something new.

There are not many things that taste better than cinnamon rolls, fluffy and light, buttery and delicious served alongside a piping hot soup or stew. This is a unique meal tradition I learned of while visiting Austria 50 years ago. The innkeeper where we were staying brought both soup and apple strudel before serving us our meal. With a wink in his eye, he explained that you'll never know unless you have something sweet and savory at the same time. And I have found that it works just great for me.

In this recipe adding cider and tart apples to the sourdough will give these "cinnamon rolls" an amazing fall flavor profile. And just once try serving them at dinner with your favorite soup; alternate bites of each and see it the innkeeper wasn't right.

Preparation Time
35 minutes
Baking Time
25–30 minutes
Total Time
10 hours
1 dozen rolls


And my cinnamon roll recipe, which has served me well for many years, has a surprising ingredient: mashed potatoes. I am not sure what the potatoes do but I have been suspicious that our pioneer forebearers discovered that adding them at our high altitude made a lighter roll. These do not disappoint.

In the comment section below tell us how yours turned out.

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