Jalapeño Cheddar, Bacon and Pepperjack Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Jalapeño Cheddar, Bacon and Pepperjack Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Today the the last day of National Sandwich Month and we have saved our most favorite Killer Sourdough Sandwich for last. This is an unusual  twist on the traditional grilled cheese, dripping with not only melted cheese but also with tangy red pepper jelly and thinly-sliced apples, topped with strips of crispy bacon. 


all the sandwiches Best of all it is on Abigail’s Oven Jalapeño Cheddar Sourdough Loaf. This loaf of sourdough bread will knock your socks off with sharp cheddar and mild jalapeño flavor!

In April last year, we introduced this amazing sandwich as we featured during National Grilled Cheese Month—imagine a month of grilled cheese! And doesn’t just about everyone love a crispy, toasted cheese sandwich?

The combination of toasted, buttery bread and gooey cheese makes for comfort food at its finest and has for centuries. “According to food historians,” reports the National Day Calendar, “many cultures around the world have enjoyed cooked bread and cheese since ancient times.

In the “United States,” they report, a “modern version of the grilled cheese sandwich originated in the 1920s. As sliced bread and American cheese became easily available, Americans began making open-faced grilled cheese sandwiches.” US Navy cookbooks describe “cooks broiling American cheese filling sandwiches” during World War II. 

“Grilled cheese sandwiches are versatile thanks to the ability to mix and match cheeses, bread, and seasonings. Adding sauteed vegetables or herb-infused oils can elevate this simple comfort food to a whole other level.” And that is exactly what we have done with this delicious recipe. And Abigail’s Oven Jalapeño Cheddar sourdough bread adds an amazing flavor that compliments the filling and adds a flavor kick you will enjoy eating.


Serving Size:
This recipe is for one person, but expands easily
Time: 10 mins
Difficulty: Easy



  1. Heat a skillet to medium heat. 
  2. Butter at least one side of each slice of bread (could do both if you want it extra buttery). 
  3. Smear cream cheese on one slice, then place 3 slices of crispy bacon on the cream cheese.  
  4. On top of the bacon, place a half-inch (1 cm) thick slice of pepper jack cheese, covering the entire piece of bread, then top with 3-5 very thinly sliced tart apples. 
  5. Place that half of the sandwich in the skillet and lower heat to medium-low.
  6. On the remaining slice, smear jalapeõ jelly, then place it on top of the other half of the sandwich in the skillet with the red chili pepper jelly next to the apple slices.
  7. Press the sandwich down with a pancake turner or sandwich press, and toast until golden brown.
  8. Flip the sandwich over, and grill until the other side is golden and the cheese is melted (sometimes covering the pan will evenly distribute the heat and help melt the cheese faster).
  9. Remove from the skillet and enjoy this amazing sandwich with a fork and knife and a hearty Tomato Basil Soup on the side.

This is a comforting and filling sandwich for lunch or dinner, or just about anytime.

In the comment section below, tell us about your favorite way to grill cheese on sourdough bread.


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Darryl Alder

Author: Darryl Alder lives with his wife in Riverside Lodge, which is their home, along the Provo River in Utah. He is a retired career Scouter and outdoorsman who spent many hours over a campfire using a Dutch oven and loves sharing recipes for the kitchen and the campfire alike. You'll find many of his recipes on this blog and can follow him on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

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