Let's Celebrate Organic Wheat Farmers

Let's Celebrate Organic Wheat Farmers

National Farmer's Day is celebrated on October 12th to honor the hard-working farmers across the nation. But Abigail's Oven wants to offer a special shout out to the organic wheat farmers of Northern Utah and Southern Idaho who grow our grain. 

"Organic Artisan Baker's Craft (ABC) is Central Milling's best-selling artisan bread flour. It is a blend of organic hard red winter wheat that has been designed specifically for artisan bread baking. It is perfect for baguettes and sourdough breads of any shape and size. This flour also works very well in laminated doughs and quick doughs"—Central Milling, Logan, Utah

Farmers like these play an important role in our economy and society. They provide us with the food we eat, and they also contribute to our economy in numerous other ways, like all the jobs we have at the bakery, at the stores that sell our bread, and at the Farmers Markets where we sell our REAL™ Sourdough Bread.

National Farmers Day

Here are some ways to remember #NationalFarmersDay:

  • Learn more about agriculture and how your food is grown.
  • Visit a local farm or farmers market.
  • Support local farmers by buying their products.
  • Volunteer your time to help out on a farm or at a farmers market.
  • Educate others about the importance of agriculture and the role that farmers play in our society.

Here are some of the benefits of supporting local farmers:

  • Fresher produce: Local produce is typically picked just hours or days before it is sold, which means it is much fresher than produce that has been shipped long distances.
  • More variety: Farmers markets often have a wider variety of produce than grocery stores, including heirloom varieties and unusual fruits and vegetables.
  • Support local jobs: When you buy from local farmers, you are supporting local jobs and the local economy.
  • Reduce your environmental impact: Local produce travels a shorter distance from farm to table, which reduces its carbon footprint.

National Farmer's Day is a great opportunity to show our appreciation for the farmers who work hard to provide us with the food we eat. Let's all take the time to thank a farmer today! And remember to use #NationalFarmersDay to post on social media and show your support for the women and men who feed us all.

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