Martha Levie Talks Sourdough Bread on Good Things Utah

Martha Levie Talks Sourdough Bread on Good Things Utah


Martha Levie, Co-Founder of Abigail’s Oven and Chief Baker there, joined Good Things Utah today to share the success of their gourmet sourdough bread bakery in Spanish Fork, Utah. In case you missed her ABC4 presentation to talk about how the bakery started and what makes their Real™ Sourdough so special, you can watch the video here.

After the interview  who did the interviewing, and  wrote:

“There’s a good chance Martha loves you almost as much as she loves her ten kids; after all, she and her team bake 2000 loaves of sourdough each week so you and your family can have delicious, nutritious bread on your table.

“Each handmade loaf has just three perfect ingredients: whole grain flour, sea salt, and water. The slow 10-hour souring process improves nutrition, making the wheat’s vitamins and minerals bioavailable.

“Are you gluten intolerant? Unlike store-bought bread, sourdough slows down digestion so it agrees with your tummy.

“Bite into true sourdough …and you’ll recognize quality in the deep taste and texture. Everyone loves it, from kids to grandparents. Their sourdough bread means so much to so many people.

“Some want to go even beyond just eating the bread, to bake it, or more deeply understand how the nutrition works or even use the bread in new recipes. Abigail’s Oven can help.

“Go to Abigail’s Oven and fill out a survey to rate and customize options to help them meet your needs. Of course, the first step is to taste Abigail’s real sourdough bread. You can enter your zip code and they’ll send a map showing which of their 30 specialty stores is nearest to you.

Or, if you are not at your computer, grab your phone and text “ BREAD” to “474747” and they’ll send you a link to enter your zip code and get the

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