Pumpkin Sourdough Scone and Other Recipes

Pumpkin Sourdough Scone and Other Recipes

I do not know why I have never had a scone like this? On a frosty, autumn morning, warm pumpkin scones served just from the oven with butter and a hot beverage is pretty hard to beat. And this week we had our first really hard frost here at Riverside Lodge.

Pumpkin Harvest Sourdough Recipes

The Child is affectionately known as “Baby Yoda” among The Mandalorian fans.

I had managed to get all the garden produce in safely. Even the pumpkins did not have to endure the cold, which gave “The Child/Baby Yoda” a reason to celebrate.

My wife gave me a new Bamboo Bread Slicer, for our Sapphire Anniversary Thursday, which I love almost as much as my Baby Yoda. But somehow my wife knew I would love this little guy the most.

But I digress, let’s get back to the pumpkins. They are everywhere this time of year, on front stoops, smashed in the street, and of course, in cans waiting for pumpkin pie.

But there is much more inside the great orange gourd (gourds are for decorating, squashes are for eating, and pumpkins are both) and the bright orange color is the clue. 

These squashes are loaded with beta carotene, which gives the body immunity-boosting power as it converts it to vitamin A. But here is some good news, “there’s no need to choose fresh to get the benefits of pumpkin,” reports Caitlin Covington.

“One cup of canned pumpkin has 7 grams of fiber and 3 grams of protein (even more than the fresh stuff) and contains only 80 calories and 1 gram of fat. Plus, canned pumpkin is packed with vitamins and provides over 50 percent of the daily value of vitamin K.“—Covington, greatist.com

Pumpkin is both low in calories and fat, and in addition to being a  good source of Vitamin A, is loaded with vitamins B6, C, and E  and is its own trove of minerals.

Joe Carei, Senior Vice President at Bradenzo Restaurant in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, says that “pumpkin puree is a healthy substitute for eggs in a variety of baked goods.” He explains, that it “can be used when eggs are incorporated for moisture in cookies, muffins, and quick breads,” but not when the eggs are used as binders in baked breads like challah or in chewy cookies. But,  he continues, “Pumpkin puree can be effortlessly added to mixes for cakes, cookies, breads and brownies.”

Pumpkin Harvest Sourdough Recipes

Joe Carei is Senior Vice President at Bradenzo Restaurant in Uniontown, Pennsylvania

Making Puree From Fresh Pumpkin

“I prefer to clean the pumpkin of seeds and string and cut in half, top to bottom. Then, I wrap each half with foil and put in 325 degree oven, cut side up. Cook for about an hour and then check to see if soft. Then scrape flesh from skin and puree in blender or processor. Push through strainer or sieve to remove excess stringiness, if desired. Other ways to cook pumpkin is; to steam it or boil and strain, but I find both of these ways make the puree too loose. To give a more roasted flavor, brush flesh with butter or oil and roast flesh side up; no foil. Keep in mind the larger pumpkins used for jack-o-lanterns are more stringy, watery and will need to be cooked down. You are better off using smaller pie pumpkins.

Carei gives a formula for substituting canned pumpkin for other liquid ingredients:

  • “Add ¼ cup canned pumpkin for each egg called for in the recipe.
  • “For oil, the ratio is one to one — one cup oil is simply replaced with one cup pumpkin puree.
  • “To substitute pumpkin puree for butter, multiply the amount of butter by ¾. If a recipe calls for one cup, use ¾ cup puree in its place. If you’re not ready to give up all the butter, and in some recipes, you cannot, consider splitting the bill. For one cup of butter, use ½ cup of butter and ½ cup of pumpkin puree.

He concludes, “In recipes that call for butter and sugar to be creamed or fluffed up, definitely split the use of butter and pumpkin and fold in pumpkin after creaming. In [the case of] boxed cakes you can substitute the oil, water, and the egg with pumpkin puree.”

After reading that, I wanted to see if it is true, so sat down this morning early and looked at this recipe from King Arthur Baking for Harvest Pumpkin Scones. Now I have to tell you this took some serious Baker’s Math but in the end, these worked out great.

Harvest Pumpkin Sourdough Scone Recipe

Pumpkin Harvest Sourdough Recipes

On a frosty, autumn morning, warm pumpkin scones served just from the oven with butter and a hot beverage is hard to beat.

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