Sourdough Lebkuchen—the Flavor of Christmas in Germany

Sourdough Lebkuchen—the Flavor of Christmas in Germany

This honey-sweetened cookie is often dipped in chocolate and is to my liking as it packed with almonds and ground hazelnuts. It is also loaded with holiday spices and dressed up with honest-to-goodness homemade candied citrus peel (not the junk from the grocers), and as I said, often dipped in a chocolate shell that keeps it moist and soft.

Often these holiday cakelike cookies are made into circles and placed on 3-inch baking wafers or cut into bars. The final product is soft, filled with fruit and spices, and the flavor reminiscent of gingerbread, but these are so unique that you need to bake them this holiday season, just so that you can taste them. 

Our old-generation sourdough recipe calls for these ingredients, but for directions, you will need to jump to Martha’s new recipe blog site,

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