The Beginnings of Abigail's Oven

The Beginnings of Abigail's Oven


Hello, I'm Abigail, and our vision at Abigail's Oven is simple:

to provide nutritious sourdough bread for health-conscious individuals. 

My entrepreneurial journey began at the age of eight during family trips to the grocery store, where I developed a passion for business organization. When my parents started a CSA farm, I found joy in helping and envisioned starting my own business.

At the age of nine, inspired by the story of a girl who earned money selling bread for a mission, I decided to start my own bread business. My parents encouraged me,  and I embarked on this crazy and wonderful adventure.

Starting with my little red wagon and a handful of loyal customers, I gradually built my bread business. It evolved into Abigail's Oven, with a subscription model, meticulous organization, and the introduction of healthy components of sourdough bread. 

My family joined me in this endeavor, and we expanded into health food stores.

Reflecting on this journey, I'm grateful for the support of my family and the lessons learned. The best part of Abigail's Oven is providing people with quality bread, especially sourdough, which has become our specialty. 

Thank you for being part of our story.

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