Hear the Story Behind the Bread: Abigail & Martha

Hear the Story Behind the Bread: Abigail & Martha

Hey there, bread fans! When customers come to the bakery, they always want to know about Abigail. Now you get to know her and her story.

In this video, Martha and Abigail recall how Abigail at age 8 wanted to run a business. Her mom recalled that Abigail “wanted to sort the things, put things on the shelves, sell things to people, and take their money and count it.” 

She was so eager that she and her brothers even tried “drawing pictures and selling them door to door for 50¢ a piece.” That is when their mom sat them down and said, “All right, now if you’re going to sell something to someone, you have to make sure that it’s valuable enough that they really want it, so they’re giving you equal value in return.”

And though she was only eight, she wanted to make and bake bread, but Martha knew that she would be the one to end up doing all the making and baking. But she persisted and by 10 was baking bread and selling vegetables from their family garden to neighbors.

She was a good little manager too, “She would call them every week to follow up and say, ‘We’re going to deliver your bread,’” Martha remembered.

As her business expanded, her father Allen tired of his research job and came home one day and said: “We are going to take Abigail’s Oven and we’re going to make it our family business.”

During the years following they perfected their sourdough recipes and today they “bake several thousands of sourdough loaves every week and sell them to hundreds of families all over the state and they think our sourdough bread is great."

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