Spread the Bread

Step 1:

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Step 2:

Enter the Instagram giveaway.

Abigail’s Oven is giving away a month of bread on Instagram! How does that work? Just follow these steps on our giveaway Instagram post here: Once you have completed these four steps your name is added to the raffle!! Then just wait for the announcement at the end of this month on the 28th of February. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!!!

Step 3:


Love Abigail’s Oven and want to share it with your friends out of state? Well, now you can! Ship bread to family or friends out of state for HALF OFF the bread! Use discount code “BREAD” at checkout (limit one use per customer). OR Send a HALF OFF coupon to two special friends. Tell them to use the code “BREAD” at checkout for ½ off their order! They can order here:

Order Here

Step 4:

Share your visit to Abigail’s Oven with your friends!

Snap a photo or take a video of your trip to Abigail’s Oven. Video examples: Here at Abigail’s oven in SF getting delicious bread *Abigail’s Oven “I was here! Y’all should come* location tag

Step 5:

Bring a friend challenge! And get punches on your card

Bring a friend to Abigail’s Oven store for their first time and mention this challenge to the cashier to get 5 punches on your punch card! Other options: Text this invite to 5 friends and get 3 punches on your card: Send this FB post to 5 friends on messenger to get 3 punches: Email 5 friends this email about the bread:

Step 6:

Tell us how you feel!

Record a video *See example* sharing your experience with Abigail’s Oven Dutch Oven sourdough! Questions you can answer: Why Abigail’s sourdough? How do you feel about the bread? How and when did you find us? What is your favorite thing about AO? How would you describe your experience with AO? What is your favorite way to eat bread? Name your favorite flavor and why. If you don’t feel comfortable making a short video you can write a short testimonial or write a review on google*small button* 2 examples of reviews:

“It’s really good bread. My kids who eat gluten free can eat this bread without bad consequences. Keep up the good work!” -MaryAnn Smith “The original sourdough country loaf is down right amazing! Best sour dough I’ve ever had and I’m picky about my sour dough. Delightful staff! Outstanding bread!”
-Alicia Witt

“I grew up enjoying sourdough bread, much of it made by my mother, so the offer of a free half loaf was too seductive to pass up. Now we always have some regular sourdough and jalapeño loaf in the fridge. Their bread makes the most awesome toast! And it makes very filling sandwiches. I like to buy it from their store, so they get all the money! Or should I say, dough!”
-Lyle Gunderson

Step 7:

Host An Event

Claim your prize and become a superfan! Come to the bakery for a free half loaf and a special invitation to our quarterly breakfast and the promise of more fun events and special deals that you’ll find in our email Rewards or incentives: Recipe book: (landing page, email campaign, Facebook group…)
Month of bread:
Host an event at your house (with or without us attending)
Dinner features sourdough and garden
Book group
Social change
Join a group that selects a special flavor
Book group
Sample loaf (for self or to give away)


Great job. You completed Abigail’s Oven 7 step Journey! Becoming a superfan and part of the Abigail’s oven family.