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The "Being" Seminar July 27th

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The “Being” Seminar: 3 Paths To Heal A Broken World

3 Solutions designed to build and heal relationships, to prepare both your neighborhood and the people who matter most for what is coming. It may even help us get ahead of the curve to build the future we want.

Troubling threats and scenarios demanding we do something:

  • Technology is not just increasing the rift between parents and children… The Generation Gap, but also in marriage 

  • Metacrisis of meaning: Leaving religion but often still alone or not arrived

  • Increased divisiveness of politics. Is our social contract unraveling?

  • The challenges of AI, digital currency and humanoid robots demand that we work better together

  • Need for therapy is bigger than the supply of therapists

  • Problems surrounding immigration and refugees are increasing

  • Burden of seemingly endless increasing amounts of debt and inflation from printing money and increased taxation is overwhelming our time

You can actually find peace in the turmoil and even solve it. Healing relationships that are personal and local through 1) personal gifts 2) language, and 3) empathy prepares us to be able to change and also positions us to resolve the big picture problems.

We want to take these first few personal steps with you periodically tying it to the big picture so you can experience the difference it makes. But we are also confident that you or people you know will want to participate in solving some of the other problems that are not being addressed by governments or big business.

Date: July 27th, 2024

Time: 9-5:00

By: Allen and Martha Levie


  • In-person: Abigail’s Oven Bakery 

(limited to 25 participants)

  • Live-online: Zoom 

(limited to 100 participants)

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